The KRVE in the Netherlands, founded in 1895 is a mooring company with main office in the Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands. Our specialty is to provide a complete package in mooring and unmooring of vessels/offshore activities with precision, accuracy and efficiency. These operations are executed with well-trained personal and innovated equipment.

Our marine fleet does contain several Pilot & Crew tenders, mooring launches, work vessels and pontoons. Every 24 hours over 500 controlled collisions with our vessels. This intensive use of equipment made us choose Poly Marine Service fender system.

The five crew tenders equipped with C600 fenders have been operational for over 5 years and no hull damages recorded. Which made the vessels very efficient and average cost reduction of €15.000 per year per vessel, each high speed water yet tender make more than five thousand running hours a year.

Other positive aspects of the fender systems are reduced shock loads through the vessel at every (un)controlled collision. This fact reduced mechanical damages on engine, jet systems, drive shafts and electronic systems.

Gert van der Burg, KRVE
Vice Chairman

Nederlands Loodswezen

Nederlands Loodswezen operates with 17 double jet driven high speed tenders along the Dutch coast.

The oldest Discovery class tenders with GRT 40 tonnes have the Camarc designed ø280 mm HDPE pipe as a fender. The HDPE pipe is fitted with foam blocks in the aluminium fender casing. Each year we have an average repair cost of € 8.000 on each tender.

The new type tenders, also designed by Camarc with GRT 60 tonnes had the same fender system. The average repair costs were much higher and the down time due to the repairs longer because the vessels are heavier than the older Discovery class tenders. The modification to the D450MHD-S system and fine tuning resulted in almost no repair costs and down time. The two tenders under construction also get the fully developed fender. To everyone's satisfaction.

Mark Snijders, Nederlands Loodswezen
Purchasing Manager


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