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Why PolyMarine Service

PolyMarine Service manufactures the highest quality fenders in the industry. Our unique process ensures that the fenders are both optimally resilient and durable. The used material has been speci cally designed to withstand the most extreme and heavy forces and to absorb energy. Besides absorbing impacts, they have also been designed to withstand friction between moving objects. Therefor Poly Marine Service fenders are extremely strong and wear-resistant and have a long lifespan.

Our products are the cumulation of 30 years of experience with polyurethane product development in the o shore industry under the most extreme conditions. PolyMarine Service was established in 2007.

Return on investment

Traditional fenders only partially absorb an impact, if at all. Our fenders have been designed to provide maximum resilience so that shock loads are properly absorbed.

Consequently, sensitive equipment and electronics as well as hydraulic drive systems are protected from severe impacts, reducing or even preventing damage to and the possible failure of systems because of collisions. This yields cost savings when it comes to repairing expensive electronic equipment, mechanical systems and hull damage.

The fenders themselves also have a longer lifespan, allowing the ship to remain operational for longer. This makes it possible to schedule any necessary fender replacements at the same time as major maintenance activities, substantially reducing costs and facilitating logistics operations.

A good example of how you can achieve savings through PolyMarine Fenders.The Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Organisation has been able to increase the deployability of its pilotage vessels by about 35%, which represents a shift from Sea State level 4 to Sea State level 5. Besides this increased deployability and minimum downtime, damage to hulls, power trains, engines and electronics has been substantially reduced as well.


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